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 Fallout: East Coast

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Local Randy Travis

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PostSubject: Fallout: East Coast   Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:11 am

Thought this might be a good idea since we have the West Coast.

The year is 2279, you saw most of it unfold. The one day when a cool wind hit you, that was the day the Wanderer appeared from Vault 101. You heard about the bomb in Megaton being defused. You saw the Super Mutant attacks dwindle until it almost seemed like they had completely stopped in the further reaches of the Capitol. You saw those Vertibirds in the sky, the robot the Brotherhood used on the Enclave, and even tasted fresh water. Then just like that day in 2277 you felt a cool wind hit you when you heard about the Wanderer's demise. Fell against the Enclave when hellfire rained from the sky. Just like that big robot it took one hell of a hit to bring the Wanderer down. It felt unfinished though, like the work to restore humanity to the wastes had only begun before someone threw it all away. You saw the raiders take the Mutants place in the wastes. You saw once again as the D.C. Metro area became a haven for a new breed of Mutant and again was over run. You saw the Brotherhood battered into a corner against the Tidal Basin as the Enclave took control of strategic points in the wastes vital to victory. You saw your chance. The Lone Wanderer set an example that you saw, but now you hold in your hands the chance to finish the work of a visionary, to sit by and see how it runs, or destroy it with your own damned hands. You decide.

Character Sheet
Affiliation: (new factions welcome)


Tag Skills (choose 4 as your main skills)

Perks (3 perks from the game+2 you make up for creativity)


Pip-boy Y/N


Good Luck!
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Local Randy Travis

Humor : D is for lysdexia
Posts : 2524
Join date : 2011-10-19
Age : 23
Location : La Mer

PostSubject: Re: Fallout: East Coast   Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:24 am

Character Sheet
Name: Salem Kelley
Age/D.O.B.: 22 (In 2257)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unaffiliated/Scavenger
Species: European Dragon


Tag Skills
Small Guns

Covert Ops
Climber- You can climb to new heights and depths with ease to see far or hide quicky.
Duck and Cover- You saw that old film reel so many times its ingrained in your mind. You know how to hide quickly and safely from explosions, bullets, and even the revealing eyes of others. Seriously, Burt The Turtle haunts your dreams.

-1891 Mosin/Nagant
-Survival Pack
-3 Frag Grenades
-2 Frag Mines
-Light armor, hand made. (flak jacket, flanel shirt with arms and a hood stitched on, green cargo pants and combat boots)

Pip-boy Y/N

Background: Born sometime in 2257 into a tribe of nomads somewhere about Pittsburgh. He was raised by the tribe as his father was exiled and his mother died in labor. He moved around quite often and eventually arrived in Point Lookout. There his tribe settled on the beach and soon came under the attack of swamp folk. Gradually his tribe was killed off until only a handful remained and fled to the docks. There they boarded a small ship with sails and enough supplies to last months at sea. They arrived in D.C. after a few years of traveling the coast. Growing to love the ruined skyline and the way the radiation made the sun have this tint at sunset he disembarked for the last time and said farewell to his friends. From there he moved inland leaving his seafaring life behind. Eventually he came across an ancient fallout shelter in a suburban backyard and moved right in seeing as a collapsed shed obscured most of the entrance. Inside was a treasure trove or food, books, a working radio, and even a water purifier. With a water source nearby in the Potamac and a food supply in an ancient store and with the occasional raid against brahmin herders nearby he found home. Then the Enclave showed up in their black armor, and things went bad from there.
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Fallout: East Coast
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