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 School Stories: GTWF Edition

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Tank Abuse

Tank Abuse

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PostSubject: School Stories: GTWF Edition    Sat May 04, 2013 3:05 am

This thread aims to bring people closer together to share the things they experienced while they attended school during their younger days. This is not limited to high school or grade school: it can also include college, and about things that have recently happened to you.

And let's be honest here: every person has at least one hilarious school story that they would like to share. This thread doesn't have to include funny-only stories either. They can be anything.

For me I don't know where to even start. Do I tell you about how they used to drag us to an interrogation room whenever we fucked up back in 1st grade? Do I tell you how Ed Edd and Eddy ruined my reputation in 2nd grade? What about the corporal punishment that was supposed to be abolished? Or how I got gym banned for everyone in the 9th grade?

Share away!
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Daisy The Bunny

Daisy The Bunny

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PostSubject: Re: School Stories: GTWF Edition    Sat May 04, 2013 8:14 am

This time at music college, we were on our lunch break and chilling in the city centre, and my bandmate offers me a joint. He tells me that the guy he bought it off warned him to be careful with it. I volunteered to guinea pig it, and smoked the whole thing. I'm pretty sure it was laced with salvia or PCP, because I started having hallucinations of people throwing grenades and shooting each other, and I thought the whole town was a war zone. Keep in mind that I smoked this in a cemetary, and it felt like the dead were dragging me into their graves.

Anyway, I was really thirsty, so I go into a store to buy some water. I took my wallet out before I got to the checkout to sort my money out, and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't hold the money for a start because I was twitching so bad and counting it just wasn't happening, so my friends buy it for me. So I start to drink, and with every gulp of water it felt harder to breath, like my chest was filling up with water. By this time I was really panicing. I had to get back to college, so I head back, but now I had an extra difficulty. My limbs would only move in right angles, and my motor skills were very lacking. So after stumbling back to college and into the practice room, I sit rocking in a corner for about fifteen minutes, wondering if it would ever end...

Eventually, I puked, and a few minutes afterwards I felt completely sober. Needless to say, I learned my lesson and I'm not doing that again.
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PostSubject: Re: School Stories: GTWF Edition    Sat May 04, 2013 8:26 am

^Creepy stuff happens in nowhere...

I remember in 1st grade my bitch of a teacher had left a month after school started. Our new teacher came in. I still get a Pachi anchoring boner to this day thinking about that woman. Spicy, lovely, and oh so sweet!
Ms. DiDominico, was what she called herself. I can't remember her actual name which is good to keep off the net I suppose. CURVES!!! She had to have been a DD also. And she was so short like 5'5" so I could hug her and feel those things ON MY FACE!!!!

My eyes roll in my head
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PostSubject: Re: School Stories: GTWF Edition    Sat May 04, 2013 7:26 pm

My friend walked in the locker room during class to get something, and he thought he was the only person in there until he turned the corner and saw another guy. The other guy said "Yo, look!" and pointed down. My friend looked, and the guy's pants were pulled down and his pubes were hanging out. My friend's reaction: "What the fuck!!?? Why are you showing me that???". The other guy was like, "Relax man, it's not like I'm showing you my dick, I ain't gay or nothing. I'm just showing you my pubes."
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PostSubject: Re: School Stories: GTWF Edition    

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School Stories: GTWF Edition
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